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David Hartley


What is your most important

possession ? 

If you said “My HEALTH”

you would be in agreement with  ageless practical and traditional wisdom.


Homeopathy is a wholistic way to regain freedom from pain and other limitations.


Chronic pain; emotional and/or physical ill-health deemed “untreatable”  by conventional medicine are naturally addressed, including such complex

illness as

Hep-C, HIV+, CFS, fibromyalgia, all health-seekers are welcome;

homeopathy works!

link: what is homeopathy ?

Has homeopathy been shown effective in "clinical trials?"

My greatest goal and pleasure in healing work is to empower you to optimal health & well-being. I am honored to assist you in searching for the key to unlock your innate healing abilities.


If you are fed up with snap-diagnosis; with a treadmill of contradictory medications and  side-effects, you will be pleased by the individualized attention to you as a  whole-person, and the gentle though often nearly miraculous shifts in health & vitality which may be evoked thru holistiq ‘classical’  homeopathy.

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David Hartley has studied various forms of alternative healing for over twenty years, progressing from Western & Eastern herbalism, through polarity and Taoist energy work, culminating in his current practice of Homeopathy, Shamanic approach to CranioSacral work, and massage including deep-tissue, myofascial, and other advanced technique.
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Phone: (931) 431 8481
Skype ID - dh.ecuador  




email david@holistiq.com