Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Organic ! .. & go, go, go ... Cafe Gratitude :-)

Organic food is FAR more nutritious, as well as being much less dependent on fossil fuel .. locally grown organic takes it another step along the road.. Raw food, takes the nutrition density another step along the road..

Cafe Gratitude incorporates all of the above, plus its intrinsic "sacred commerce" and "school of personal transformation masquerading as a chain of restaurants" approaches, which gives employees and management a gently structured manner in which to fully relate and engage on thinking/feeling levels as opposed to the tyical "shut up & get to work" restaurant HR attitude.

This results in service which is unique in dining experience =;-)
So unique is this powerful combination of delicious nutritionally dense food plus "the game" of Transformation .. that the small San Francisco chain is now Evolving/ sporing .. as a result of popular demand (which is being somewhat boosted by pop singer/star Jason Mraz & his "Gratitude Cafe Tour")

Cafe Gratitude is bringing their mostly raw & vegan restaurants to New York City, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and San Diego ... groundwork is being laid now, it will take 1 - 2yrs for "opening day."

Recently Cafe Gratitude partnered with Whole Foods in Oakland, California, to open Cafe Gratitude inside of a very large Whole Foods, where a Whole Foods run "juice bar" had been not very successful... Cafe Gratitude is doing very well in that same location ... more partnerships such as this may be possible... ask your nearest Whole Foods to bring Cafe Gratitude to you !

If you're intrigued by the idea of bringing the "full on" Cafe Gratitude model (3 or 4 restaurants supplied daily) with prepared [juiced, chopped, blended, diced, sliced, soaked, made into nut milk, nut milk 'ice cream,' and other sumptuous desserts & otherwise ready for dish-up at the cafes] check out their website &/or drop me a line.

Oh yeah.. another "spore" of the Cafe Gratitude vibe is a small film company, with their first offering "May I Be Frank" in world premiere at the upcoming Sausalito film festival trailer /

by the way.. surely it's clear that I love this company (and the people . .not to mention the food :) I do some contract I.T. work for them (past 1.5yrs,) am not an employee and have no personal gain attainable in posting this.. just sharing.

I am also *personally committed* to current co-creation of a worker owned collective of doctors & alternative healers, which is loosely affiliated with the extended Cafe Gratitude family. It is likely that this will also Evolve / spore in NYC, KC, LA, etc., in service to those communities .. Services will include super nutrition / cleanse programs (and Juice Bar,) homeopathy, herbalism, yoga, craniosacral work, bodywork, and more - focus will be open to facilitating healing from anything from severe chronic disease to those simply wishing to transition to generally healthier lifestyle.

warm wishes,
david hartley 510.859.4050
web developer

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Alternative healing "conscious community" Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you're a bit like me, you're interested in community, alternative healing, off-the-grid living, organic farming, and the whole eco-sustainable ideal (which must include eco-nomic sustainability!)
Current interests include co-creating such an ecologically conscious and economically sustainable community in the Puerto Escondido area of Mexico. I'm inviting a few other alternative healers to take part in a healing arts venue which may take form as a sort of 'spa' and will likely cater to Bay Area (and beyond) tourists with (or without) specific health challenges.. I hope to include living accommodations for guests who may stay for a week or two, doing supervised cleanse / fasting, and in the longer term, develop substantial community guesting capability, which may serve as an income source.
I'd love to offer a number of healing modalities in addition to those which I am proficient in (homeopathy, craniosacral work, massage) -including but not limited to acupuncture / TCM, Ayurvedha, quasi-esthetic 'spa' treatment, dietary consultation, herbalism and more .. Naturopathic doctor, maybe ? It'll be great to also integrate some kind of arts programs; ideally things which connect with the community and its mission and also with the local and indigenous culture.
I have a good working relationship with a construction builder/contractor in Puerto, who also has an active customer base in San Francisco, where I am their I.T. /computer support person.
There is some development in the area; it is not over-developed, but is in the path of immediate future development. Ideally the project will gather funds sufficient to engage in eco-stewardship of some large tracts of land in the nearby mountains, which may be used in some non-intrusive ways such as wildcrafting of herbs and small-scale cultivation of locally indigenous food sources. Possibly also some biomass alternative energy uses. Wind is probably feasible too, and of course Solar will be good to excellent .. there is some cloud cover on occasion, will have to do more research on that.
I have secured webdomains to be used to support marketing, as well as supporting the 'organic' growth of the project.
I have a strong potential of an interested co-creatrix who is a relatively recent Green MBA grad of New College; she has tremendous detail oriented green-vision and also has documentation creating skills I sadly lack ;)
Definitely looking for additional team-members, and also compiling a list of people who'd like to be kept informed as things progress. Naturally, if this is something that you feel strongly drawn to, or feel could fit a similar vision you have, it would be best for all concerned if you make yourself known; see if you'd like to get on board in the early phases. This is already well beyond the wish/hope stage.. one team member has emigrated from the Bay area to Mexico and is a permanent resident of the area in which we will build the first phase of the project. If you want to MAKE IT REAL --in terms of your contributing/compatible vision it could well be that THIS IS IT.
I'm planning a trip soon, probably mid or late March, probably a week to ten days. I should be able to arrange for very inexpensive (and possibly free) accommodations. Airfare is in the $600 (incl. taxes) roundtrip range.

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