Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is your most important possession? -if you said "my health" you would be in agreement with practical and traditional wisdom.

What is the most revolutionary act of personal empowerment you can make? TAKE control of your health and well-being !

EVEN IF .. (and of course, it is a huge "IF") there were some movement toward better health insurance .. the U.S. healthcare system is fatally flawed.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a leading cause of DEATH, not of "health." "We the people" still have the power to TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZE "healthcare" .. by simply voting with our dollars.

Just say YES to the common wisdom of Hippocrates ("father of medicine") which gives the understanding that healthful (organic, not pesticide polluted or genetically mangled) FOOD is the absolute necessary foundation of excellent health.. and just say NO to the pitifully flawed idea that one should totally abandon & turn over one's most prized personal possession (your HEALTH, according to all common-sense wisdom) to the big-brotherism and gangsterism of the modern medical mafia !

The #1 leading cause of death in the U.S. (and similar in other "industrialized" nations) is the $pharmaceutical-based (anti)health (doesn't)care system. True healthCARE. wellness-CARE, actually PREVENTATIVE healthcare, and care for illness/disease which actually WORKS ... has not been and will not be born out of the COMPLETELY CORRUPT medical system as we see it in the U.S. The U.S anti-health greed-care system is clearly motivated (on the macro level) solely by mega-corporate mega-profit.

These mega-corps are (have been) easily characterized as criminally insane, and the criminally insane medical mafia is apparently convinced and focussed on DISEASE-care .. that is to say that they care-for disease (NOT wellness) as disease is their marketplace. They make money from and with disease. They make NO MONEY from robust health and wellness. Robust health and wellness are, therefore, obviously anathema to the $pharma based business interests of the modern medical mafia. It takes only grammar school logic to "GET" this. Mega-corps are dedicated to one thing above all, we already KNOW this. Mega-corps who make money off of people being SICK & DISEASED will very predictably seek to perpetuate and contribute (by any means possible !) .. What? .. sickness and disease, of course ! The logic and the reality of this is stark and simple, and visible everywhere around us.

Why do we not hear of the necessity for primary attention focused on healthful diet comprised of minimally processed (organic, non-gmo) food ?
There is no profit in that for any of the mega-corps.. though we may well dwell on how we could change this !

Meanwhile.. the re-evolution in modern society begins in each of us; we are all capable of choosing and learning to support our own robust health. Please consider that eating (and if at all possible GROWING) organic food, and avoiding the multiple ills associated with factory farmed foods: intake of pesticide residues, pollution of land and water with pesticides, chemical fertilizer runoff .. petroleum products consumed by machinery & trucking, etc..
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support your own health;
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support a healthy environment;
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support food security worldwide:
we must envision the re-evolution.. a society which thrives in mutual support of the other life forms we share the biosphere with, where all may live in abundance and peace.

warm wishes,
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