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"the media" & the phony "pandemic"

Hi Dagny, People in the U.S. (and many other places, I guess) -are being trained from cradle to grave that they should UNTHINKINGLY accept authority. It is a well know fact that TV is a social control mechanism; it inserts "world view" (German: Weltanschauung) as an unquestioned set of values and unexplored/unconfirmed "facts." Thus, people who are regular consumers of mass media (especially when it is from an early age) have their "reality" ... "PROGRAMMED" (in the U.S., the content on TV is actually called programming, in one of those interesting twists where the truth is hidden in plain view.) Social programming dictates that society respond fearfully to constant bombardment of PANDEMIC scare tactics made up of partial/true & partial/lies. Many of us who are aware of the manipulations cannot help but see the mindless herd-behavior of cattle being led to slaughter .. there is a word used in the U.S. by cognoscenti (Italian: those in the know) - to describe this human herd .. "the Sheeple." You wrote: What happened to good old sceptisism and questions to ask? Such old fashioned ideas are not useful to the ruling powers of the world (mega corporations & highest level of banking) super-wealthy immortal corporations spend many $billions of their dollars/euros/etc to influence and control legislature, political process, and "public opinion" (all the way down to influencing what textbooks are to be used in bending the will of youth toward social conformity as "good little consumers.") What happened to digging for the truth no matter what? Some people still do. But the truths that they find are not publicized by the people who own the means of publication ! TV station, ALL large newspapers & most other means of "mass media" publication are very tightly controlled - very rarely letting out a bit of information which detracts from the social programming-in-progress. Is the world satisfied by being spoonfed lies that cost lives? In a word: yes. Most of us in "industrialized nations" are living in gilded cages; we have little REAL FREEDOM, but we have many choices as to what colors & fabrics we wish to wear to our jobs as slaves to the mass-media corporate consumer culture .. which is now on the brink of consuming the entire planet.. without some pretty strong changes, the human race could be extinct in less than a century. It is likely that there are quite a number of the "ultra rich" people who are more and more becoming convinced that the world is vastly over-populated by "useless eaters" (Sheeple) and that a drastic DE-population would be a very good and useful thing. Apparently TO THAT END, we seem to have quite a lot of different types of corporate crime involved in creating & testing various forms of bio-warfare. Persuant to the topic of this group.. of course- vaccines have been a longterm assault on "the masses" .. who have been scrupulously conditioned to worshipfully believe that vaccines are their savior from disease .. the truth may well be that vaccines are now on the verge of being deployed as "WMD" weapons of mass destruction ... it would be quite simple technologically to wipe out 80% of the population, and thus (in mad-scientist thought) alleviate all of the pressures currently pushing very rapidly toward global meltdown. warm wishes, david hartley

"Swine flu" h1n1 homeopathic treatment in epidemic / pandemic

Here is my analysis of a "swine flu" case as Ipecac, which is one among a dozen or so homeopathic remedies which might correspond to any given case, depending on the symptoms at hand (see end of this post for the particular case in question.) Short list of potential remedies in flu : Gelsemium, Baptisia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Sabadilla, Arsenicum, Asenicum iodide, Dulcamara, Byronia, Phosphorus, Rhus toxicodendron, Allium cepa, Sticta, Ipecac, Veratrum album. Instead of repertorizing, (since the repertory is only an index to materia medica) I went straight to materia medica & read the "likely suspects" for genus epidemicus which had been discussed in various conversations online amongst fellow homeopaths, comparing from there, to the case posted. While reading, I came across several references to Ipecac, and so read several materia medica on Ip., coming to choose it above the other "likely suspects" for genus epidemicus .. and a fair match for this whole individual case. H.C. Allen, "The Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever" "The persistent nausea, which does not always amount to vomiting, which is usually present in every stage, is the 'guiding symptom' of Ipecac. constant ausea with or without vomiting Loss of appetite, aversion to food Cutting pains across abdomen Intermittent fever, nausea, and vomiting; slight chills followed by much heat Sudden attacks of sweat, worse during sweat, better after -- T.F. Allen "Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica" feeling of heaviness & pressure in the head heaviness of the head vertigo, while walking cutting pain in the side of the abdomen cutting pain about the umilicus stools like diarrhea; purging ; frequent stools of greenish mucus sore throat ** cough caused bye constrictive tickling ** cough causing inclination to vomit, without nausea suffocative cough, dry hacking cough pain as if bruised in all the bones very weak, indolent depressed exhaustion awkward, clumsy, knocks against things swaying to & fro of body to either side, as in drunkeness, with stupefaction of the head **sleep interrupted by frequent waking and frightful dreams **vivid unremembered dreams, with frequent waking sudden general head with perspiration perspiration lasting several hours frequent chill ------ Kent (reversed repertory) Sleep, dreams, anxious (p. 1236) Sleep, dreams, frightful (p. 1240) Sleep, dreams, unremembered (p. 1243) Sleep, dreams, vivid (p. 1244) Sleep, interrupted (p. 1246) ------ T.F. Allen Handbook of MM & Therapeutics persistent nausea and aversion to all food catarrh lemon colored phlegm in litle balls cough, mucus looking like a mass of worms "it has been found valuable in intermittent fever, characterized by persistent nausea, with chilll and fever, frequently with raging headache" (compare Eup.Perf, -which lacks the persistent nause) Baehr Therapuetics sec. 11, epeidemic and endemic infectious disease, intermittent fever "decidedly adapted to epidemic fever, if it cures one case it will undoubtedly cure most others" "particularly indicated when fever is accompanied by gastric symptoms such as loss of appetite, loathing of food, nausea, .. diarrhea with very little bile.." -----misc. stools lumpy greenish watery; .. dark, almost black looking like frothy molasses Borland, Pneumonias incipient stage (consistent with all above, but indicating therapeutic use in acute pneumonia ... which is where the more "killer" version of H1N1 goes) ------- NOT present in the case at hand, but for future reference: Hemorrahge from all orifices of the body ======= see below for the case information ======== warm wishes, david hartley below: case information courtesy of Hart Matthews Durham, NC US -- 42 yo male of generally strong constitution and solid build c/o influenza beginning March 27, 2009 Symptoms began the night before with a vague feeling "like something was coming on." The patient woke March 27 with a mild sore throat and a headache "like a bunch of weights in there." Halfway through his day at work, he began to have "really sharp pain in the lower abdomen, really pretty sharp ... like a blade was stuck in my gut." This pain was accompanied by intense nausea. He knocked off work early (the first time he's ever felt that sick in his adult life) and went home to have diarrhea that got rid of the abdominal pain. Although he continued to have diarrhea daily for a week, he never had the abdominal pain again. The early diarrhea might have been darkly colored, he's not sure. After he started taking antibiotics on Day 6, it was definitely a very dark green, almost black. He never ate much after that first bout of diarrhea, as the nausea continued for the entire course of the illness and "nothing sounded good to eat." He never vomited, even though he often felt he needed to. The only food that felt good to him during the week was chicken soup. Sometimes he would nibble on crackers, but they "didn't do much for me." Feeling very weak, he fell asleep after that first stool and began a cycle of chills and drenching sweat. He felt miserably hot during the sweating and better during the chills. At first, the sweats tended to be at night, all over his body. Later he had an episode during the day. He did not remember having any dry heat. Unfortunately, there was no thermometer in the house, so he never got a temperature measured. The sore throat persisted, "raw and sore, not unbearable, just nagging." He doesn't remember anything making it better or worse. A cough started that first day, a cough from a little tickle, though he couldn't say where exactly the tickle was. When the cough was productive, his sputum was "white gunk." Every now and again he would get the feeling he needed to get something out of his chest, and he would manage to "dislodge" something. It would come up as "little white balls." There was also a raw feeling from dislodging it, but he didn't describe it as painful. Sometimes the cough was violent and paroxysmal, making him feel like he would vomit. Of course, he had the usual flu muscle aches, all over his body and worst in the lumbar region. I didn't get more details than that. The headache persisted throughout the week with a feeling of heaviness and difficulty keeping the head up, needing to "support" the head with either pillows or his arm. He often spoke of extreme weakness and of leaning either his head or body on things for "support." He described the fever as "fever hitting the brain." He had very vivid, repetitive dreams. He would wake thinking, "okay, I don't want to dream about that anymore." One dream was about "different kinds of knots" and lasted an entire night. On Day 5, he went back to work and could feel that he had made a bad decision. Although he made it through the day, he felt progressively weaker through the day. On Day 6, he went to a doctor, who heard rales in his chest and prescribed antibiotics. His temperature was measured at 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit. From numerous blood tests they determined only that his platelets were low. While waiting in line at the drug store, the patient began to feel "really hot and sweaty," "leaned my arm out to support myself on a rack" and "got a little bit of that tunnel vision thing." He woke on the floor with people around him, having been unconscious for about 15 seconds. He had hit his forehead on the floor. When the paramedics checked his vital signs, they found him drenched in sweat. He declined a visit to the hospital. The patient took more work days off and felt fully recovered two weeks after the onset of his illness. He made a full recovery and feels "great" now.

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