Saturday, September 12, 2009

insurance, Obama, healthcare, the medical industrial complex

In answer to the question:

"Did the President's health reform proposal in his speech disappoint you?"

The insurance companies are only part of the problem.

It is with a mixture of hope & trepidation that I view what seems to assure that the medical industrial complex will continue roughly "status quo" (in other words: continue to be the USA's #1 direct leading cause of death) .. and just like the recent stock market crash and current financial depression was a direct result of insane / dysfunctional "economy" ... so to .. will the INEVITABLE CRASH of the medical industrial complex ensue upon the status quo ... bringing of course, much suffering .. but inevitably FORCING people to become responsible for their own health and well being .. essentially ripping the blinders off of the faces of the sheeple.. as grassroots & word-of-mouth show everyone how eating "death-eater corporate shit-food" and taking "death-eater poison medicines" lead to a DEADLY OBVIOUS lack of health ! "ALTERNATIVE" medicine will become 1000 times more popular than it is now, BY DEFAULT ! What seems like terrible news .. is indeed "a bitter pill" ... but it is the death knell of the system of DEATH/DISEASE-medicine .. which will usher in VITAL / LIFE medicine .. the many and various HOLISTIC alternatives to poisonous $pharma medical industrial complex. Labels: health healthcare wellness medical alternative cam medicine herbalism homeopathy



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