Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hi Maddie, I'm not an expert on supplements, but reading Kaprex on the mfgr site, it appears to be just an expensive food-like "nutra ceutical" A "healthy balanced diet" .. and a reasonably healthy digestive system.. should obviate the need (or benefit) of such supplements. Rhus tox is, in addition to its value in your immediate need as a "first aid" remedy for knee.. also possibly of use toward better nutrient absorption in the digestive system. One of the reasons I studied & practice homeopathy (instead of herbalism, or nutriceutical "medicine") is that homeopathy treats "whole person" .. less so in "first aid" where the focus of the symptoms is sharp/immediate .. Rhus tox is useful in "inflammatory" issues in many of the body's tissues / organs. It is indicated as "first aid" for ligaments in the knee (and elbow) ... It is difficult for people to self-diagnose .. even people who've got a lot of training in homeopathy will see another homeopath (hard to see oneself objectively...) Rhus tox should make it possible to do without "anti-inflammatory" drugs, the normal way a person might check that scenario out would be to try taking less of the drug .. see if there is a negative result.. if not, after a day or two passes .. again take less .. and so on "weaning." Meanwhile, it should not have any effect on the NSAIDs as I think you know (?) homeopathy is not biochemical and cannot interact in that way; it is "energy medicine" and acts by causing a shift toward homeostasis .. movement towards normalcy. If you feel like it, you can fill out the questionaire on my website and I can take a look at it, to see if Rhus Tox looks like a good "chronic" remedy for you - or if not, perhaps figure out something else. warm wishes, david 510.859.4050 I.T. support: co-founder:


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