Monday, July 20, 2009

"the media" & the phony "pandemic"

Hi Dagny, People in the U.S. (and many other places, I guess) -are being trained from cradle to grave that they should UNTHINKINGLY accept authority. It is a well know fact that TV is a social control mechanism; it inserts "world view" (German: Weltanschauung) as an unquestioned set of values and unexplored/unconfirmed "facts." Thus, people who are regular consumers of mass media (especially when it is from an early age) have their "reality" ... "PROGRAMMED" (in the U.S., the content on TV is actually called programming, in one of those interesting twists where the truth is hidden in plain view.) Social programming dictates that society respond fearfully to constant bombardment of PANDEMIC scare tactics made up of partial/true & partial/lies. Many of us who are aware of the manipulations cannot help but see the mindless herd-behavior of cattle being led to slaughter .. there is a word used in the U.S. by cognoscenti (Italian: those in the know) - to describe this human herd .. "the Sheeple." You wrote: What happened to good old sceptisism and questions to ask? Such old fashioned ideas are not useful to the ruling powers of the world (mega corporations & highest level of banking) super-wealthy immortal corporations spend many $billions of their dollars/euros/etc to influence and control legislature, political process, and "public opinion" (all the way down to influencing what textbooks are to be used in bending the will of youth toward social conformity as "good little consumers.") What happened to digging for the truth no matter what? Some people still do. But the truths that they find are not publicized by the people who own the means of publication ! TV station, ALL large newspapers & most other means of "mass media" publication are very tightly controlled - very rarely letting out a bit of information which detracts from the social programming-in-progress. Is the world satisfied by being spoonfed lies that cost lives? In a word: yes. Most of us in "industrialized nations" are living in gilded cages; we have little REAL FREEDOM, but we have many choices as to what colors & fabrics we wish to wear to our jobs as slaves to the mass-media corporate consumer culture .. which is now on the brink of consuming the entire planet.. without some pretty strong changes, the human race could be extinct in less than a century. It is likely that there are quite a number of the "ultra rich" people who are more and more becoming convinced that the world is vastly over-populated by "useless eaters" (Sheeple) and that a drastic DE-population would be a very good and useful thing. Apparently TO THAT END, we seem to have quite a lot of different types of corporate crime involved in creating & testing various forms of bio-warfare. Persuant to the topic of this group.. of course- vaccines have been a longterm assault on "the masses" .. who have been scrupulously conditioned to worshipfully believe that vaccines are their savior from disease .. the truth may well be that vaccines are now on the verge of being deployed as "WMD" weapons of mass destruction ... it would be quite simple technologically to wipe out 80% of the population, and thus (in mad-scientist thought) alleviate all of the pressures currently pushing very rapidly toward global meltdown. warm wishes, david hartley


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