Wednesday, March 4, 2009 asks: What economic troubles are you facing with health care costs so high?

Sadly, even something supposedly "progressive" such as is Asking the WRONG Questions about HEALTH ... CARE.

My answer to their ill-considered question is: It is very difficult to afford REAL health care (check the dictionary: care ... health ...) -when it has been systematically marginalized, practitioners persecuted, and of course .. made totally unavailable via most insurance plans.

Ironically, better overall health through simple things like decent nutrition & exercise WITHOUT taking dangerous pharmaceuticals .. is one HUGE benefit of not having insurance which only pays toward the misnomer of "health care" which largely doesn't "CARE" and which is, according to JAMA (Journal of American Medicine, the official publication of the AMA - American Medical Association) the iatrogenic (doctor &/or pharmaceutical drug CAUSED disease / illness) the 3rd leading CAUSE of DEATH in the United States .. according to other sources, which have less of a vested interest in protecting the current pharmaceutical / medical system of death-dealing ...
"The American Medical System Is The Leading Cause Of Death And Injury In The United States" (synopsis) (full report)

How is it that what is demonstrably the largest single CAUSE of death and illness in the U.S. is referred to as "healthcare" ?

What social & political entities are injecting this Orwellian "newspeak" falsity into our mass consciousness ?
I would wager this would be easily discoverable, following Occam's Razor .. simplified into "follow the money."
The very profitable practice of drugging people unto Death= healthcare .. yah, maybe for you, Mr. Pharmaceutical board of directors, but for me that is easily perceived as a heinous lie.
Drugging people unto death in the name of DOCTORING is perhaps the penultimate hypocrisy..
(Hippocratic Oath becomes hypocritical oath, in newspeak ?)

So, anything which tries to "PROP UP" the current system which is ACTUALLY the DIRECT CAUSE of MOST illness and death in the U.S. -- is naturally only CONTRIBUTING to death & illess .. by perpetuating more of the same. ANY TRUE REFORM in the current system should start by REQUIRING ANY INSURANCE to cover treatments CHOSEN BY the insuree.
Simply abolishing (making it illegal to promote / support / "insure" DEATH DEALING pharmaceutical "doctoring...") would be the most EFFECTIVE single improvement .. pharmaceutical drugs must be for emergency use only, for temporary use only, and as a last resort after LESS DANGEROUS means of true "health care" have been implemented in every possible instance.
The common-sense of not confusing "healthcare" with death-dealing pharmaceuticals seems crushingly simple.. it is embarrassing to be a member of a society which lacks this simple self-protective discrimination!
There seem to be more of us who are committed to better "healthcare" for dairy cattle .. than to some REALISTIC form of healthcare for humanity.
REPEAT after me: pharmaceutical drugs are a primary cause of death and illness
pharmaceutical drugs are a primary cause of death and illness
pharmaceutical drugs are a primary cause of death and illness
okay, thanks for reading my rant.
(which I blogged.) (comment if you like)


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