Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DFA -,
asks me "Please tell us what your most important issue is for 2009 and why: "
OK, you asked..
I answer:
acknowledging, and then FIXING the BROKEN allopathic drug / pharmaceutical industry model of
"health care" --- which IS ACTUALLY .. a LEADING CAUSE of DEATH and DISEASE .
IATROGENESIS = death by doctor, and none other than the somewhat PRO pharmaceutical organ of the status-quo medical industry:
"Journal of the American Medical Association," plainly states:
"iatrogenesis is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S."
Other statistics from less supportive sources clearly indicate that the medical system is the #1
leading cause of death. How BROKEN can something BE ?!
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry reps are ever-present hovering around doctors' offices, buying expensive meals, catering the famous "free lunch."
Not to mention the fact that what was previously and STILL SHOULD BE.. illegal
is pharmaceutical companies ADVERTISING TO THE PUBLIC
with typically deceptive advertising practices..
(smarmy muzak background, gorgeous model who looks high on something ... voiceover seductively murmurs "ask your prescriber" for Numbzital
- no longer is it even "ask your doctor" but ask your VENDING MACHINE "prescriber" for "happy pill of the month"
(get 'em quick before they're off the market due to discoveries of illegal tampering with FDA approval process &/or hundreds of deaths from "side effect" !)
The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the U.S. (measured on profit vs gross income)
The pharmaceutical industry is also arguably largely responsible as one of (if not #1 of)
the leading causes of death in the U.S.
We're not yet even TALKING about the leading causes of all kinds of other physical and social ills !
How many people who are not drugged up to their eyeballs ACTUALLY BELIEVE that school kids should be taking psychiatric pharmaceuticals ?!
This is so wrong !
This is SO fricken fascist and so NOT democratic !


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