Wednesday, December 17, 2008

message to, U.S. Congress, and You

Is there anyone who isn't painfully aware that the U.S. is far, far behind in providing decent healthcare to its citizens and residents?
It is a pitifully broken system !
While the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the U.S. (percentage of profit vs. sales income) --the U.S. medical system as a whole is one of the leading causes of DEATH and illness (iatrogenesis = doctor created illness, google it !)
One of our neighbors is arguably one of the poorest nations in the world (no thanks to right-wingers "blockade" of trade, now ongoing for 40rys+ [note to Barack Obama: END IT ?]) -yet Cuba provides BETTER HEALTH CARE for little or NO cost to residents and even to visitors !
Human beings in the U.S. are treated like some kind of valuable crop of diseased cattle, valuable in the sense that as long as the REMAIN DISEASED there is PROFIT to be SUCKED OUT of them, by the blood sucking and completely broken pharmaceutical/medical combine (think of Dwight David Eisenhower's warnings about the military industrial complex .. we've seen the truth played out there, and it is the same truth that has diseased and killed the U.S. medical system .. profit at any cost, human life a commodity, bought & sold.)
We need an FDA who is a CITIZEN's ADVOCATE -instead of the "lapdog of the pharmaceutical industry" & "revolving door" where pharmaceutical executives are hired-into FDA, push through approvals on drugs which inevitably are harmful / dangerous, then finally fired or resigned in disgrace, only to be re-hired by the pharmaceutical industry with bigger salary. Sickening. Emotionally sickening as well as literally a major source of the sickness which has nearly killed the medical system as a whole, and which is sucking life out of many people and families.
The NEW FDA must be RE-ORIENTED, such that non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical methods of healing are (naturally !) preferable ! Science-for-hire must be removed from the equation.
The NEW FDA is not about making money !
It is about empowering citizens and residents with information that supports optimal health and well-being.
The "F" in FDA is FOOD.
"Let food be thy medicine" is a quote attributed to Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.
SO, let FOOD .. as medicine .. become a PRIMARY focus of the NEW FDA.
Out with bogus "minimum daily requirements."
IN with "optimum daily recommendations" and nutritionally based "therapeutic recommendations"
OUT with pseudo-scientists hired by drug companies who make up phony "studies" to "prove" (with their doctored "evidence") that their new pharmaceutical wonder drug-of-the-month is harmless or effective
IN with time honored, time tested "alternatives" to the iatrogenic pharmaceuticals; alternatives such as naturopathic herbalism, homeopathy, TCM (acupuncture and Chinese herbalism,) and many other natural treatments & therapies which the pharmaceutical industry had pressured the OLD FDA into banning, persecuting, prosecuting, etc.. because pharmaceutical "medicine" cannot maximize profits where "alternatives" flourish, and the OLD FDA was controlled by the money that the pharmaceutical industry extorted from US by suppressing all of its competition!



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