Friday, November 14, 2008

notes to Self on Forgiveness

In essence, forgiveness is of ultimate simplicity.
As life's lessons magnetize us toward more 'godlike' thought, attitudes, and behaviours.. One of the things that becomes clear is that our ego, our 'little self' is not so godlike (another name for ego is "the monkey mind.")
So -- shedding egoic attitudes -such as the concept that we are in any way capable of (or served by) sitting in Judgement of another.. becomes highly desirable.
Whatever thoughts, attitudes, emotions attempt to infuse the monkey mind with righteous judgement are essentially and ultimately part of The LIE.
The Grand Illusion. Maya. The veil that separates us from the Divine.
The perpetuation of Suffering.
The simple truth is: no one of us knows all aspects of any situation and thus we're not COMPETENT to judge (even if it weren't a self-defeating exercise) -speaking of which... generally, when wrapped up in judging another, we are simultaneously involved in negative self-judgement
(which is the greatest and perhaps the ONLY "sin") .. and 'projecting' the angst & self hatred which we suffer from onto "the other"
(where in essence, we're all One, all part of the same energy field, no possibility of being "other" than a holographic fragment [a holotropic one, at that]) .. of the All.
So.. forgiveness boils down more or less to
"redemption from original sin."
(where "sin" is from Latin: "ignorance")
thus "redemption from original sin" .. "enlightenment?"
Judge not lest ye be judged
Plucking of one's eyeballs, casting of stones, all that stuff.
When busily engaged in judging an "other" .. try to forgive yourself for sitting in judgement.
None of us is perfect.
Sufi invocation:
Toward the One,
the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, the Only Being;
United with All the Illuminated Souls,
Who form the Embodiment of the Master,
the Spirit of Guidance. warm wishes, David Hartley http:/ Berkeley, California, USA


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