Monday, February 19, 2007

"A Little Human Love"

Hi K,

I'm glad you enjoyed my "web presence" - I figure it's best to use the technology to make something of myself known to potential friends, holistiq business contacts, craigslist-daters , etc. (grin)

Thanks for writing back; I'd love to meet you some time, where do you live / work ? I'm in Berkeley, as you may be aware.

With regard to spirituality, and our connected-ness with "ALL" and with regard to your quotes:
>I become disheartened and discouraged often by the state of our society.
>I do believe in love, painfully so, but a life partner?
>I just don't know anymore to be honest.
>It seems when we focus on a connectedness with everyone, often we
>become slightly asexual.
>Does that make sense?

According to Buddhist tradition, and according to the sometimes painful evidence of our own senses, we are living in the "Kali Yuga" .. the "Iron Age," the last of four Maha-yugas spanning a nearly incomprehensible amount of time, and representing the inevitable and periodic downhill slide from "Golden Age" toward the eventual dissolution of the material universe as we know it .. a cycle that is compared to our own breath .. where the exhalation is nearing its end, and the new intake of breath will be the beginnings of creation for an entirely new Spirito-physical Universe. (physical plane, astral plane, causal plane, etheric plane are some ways of thinking of inter-permeable divisions of manifested Universe .. as opposed to Unmanifest which is beyond any description and outside of "creation.")

So, from this perspective, everything (as usual - smile :) is proceeding along its normal course, all is well and the Gods are in their Heavens (to co-opt a phrase into the service of Pantheism, since I like to think of the Universe as being populated by gods, godesses, and godlets) .. even though I experience the reality of the "One God" theory in a deeper manner .. (Ek Ong Kar Siri Wha Guru Sat Nam : "There is one Creator whose name is Truth. Great is the ecstasy of that Supreme Wisdom") - the essence of Monotheism far predating Christianity.

As we identify with/as Spirit, and release judgments we may have harbored against the Universe, its Creator, our Self, and our Neighbor .. we may approach an equilibrium, a sort of philosophical detachment.. where we Fundamentally and Primarily hold the most Deepset and Unshakable Knowingness that we are All One .. that "injustice" is a perception which is caused by our own delusion (illusion being defines as anything which obscures that One Truth) ..and that our Way as spiritually awakening beings is to act as channels for flowing the higher tones of creative juice (love, bliss, hope, charity) and to transform the lower (fear, anger, greed, despair, attachment, vanity) into the higher and to continue thus to channel the height of creativity .. our purest experience and understanding of Divine Love / Cosmic Love.

Still.. as a man, with human eyes and human heart, it is quite Painfully apparent that the Faeries and other Spirits of the Land have gone on ahead, and are calling all of the more exotic animals and plants along with them into the Forest Primeval.. (the Unmanifest .. a template of reality we can experience as cultural memory, or karmic memory, or perhaps "direct perception" of non-physical reality) and it is only by making an active choice that I can turn toward philosophical / Spiritual detachment..

The fact that I'm not yet perfect in this area, is evidenced by my emotional twinges .. it nearly brings tears to my eyes.. and leaves me to deal with a bit of depressive emotional funk.. when I see the incontrovertible truth of this beautiful planetary ecology being rapidly ruined (I started to write "planet being ruined" yet that is ludicrous, the planet will be perfectly fine after mankind is gone) -anyway, it makes me terribly sad to read (as I have just been) stories of Indigenous peoples' relationship to their World .. their entire cultural existence .. the framework of perfect and nearly incomprehensibly interconnected ecological symbiosis between all plants, animals, and Mankind .. is shattered .. it is dying .. the deepest wisdoms of our species are literally dying out .. and if one wished to transit in emotional tone from despair to rage .. it is easily done, where it is clearly apparent that genocide and cultural extermination are merely tools used by the least human of humans to gain dominion over lands which had been so perfectly and intimately populated by the web of life which included those wise enough to live as part of that web, rather than its despoilers.

Very, deeply sad, what do we do with such sadness?

it is a long story.. it is not your or my story; we may take on any set of feelings or activities in relationship to the sad stories of the phenomenal world .. as we have done through past incarnations, and shall be expected to do again.. we must persevere in retaining / regaining spiritual detachment.. knowing that we might just as well be on the other side of the fence; the ones viewed as pillager, who is exactly the same as we are, a Spiritual being having a human experience.

the lover and the beloved are One as all Creation is One

What we can do, is choose first of all to rise to the level of our spiritual essence; to gain some equilibrium by practicing the channeling of 'higher consciousness' in terms of placing ourselves in states of forgiveness, compassion, etc .. and thus moving out of judgment, pain, etc, and then see if we can make a difference supporting what we believe to be ways to bring or sustain beauty, truth, freedom, and similar high ideals into our daily walk of life .. somehow, if I can, I would like to make a difference in preserving some of the beauty of this planet and the cultures which are profoundly in tune with their local ecosystems ... so that these things do not pass away during my lifetime, as it appears they may !

Relationships .. ecology .. sustainability, perhaps no coincidence that these concepts are rolling around together here.. for the spiritually awakening individual, lusty human love must take on the aspect of a sustainable ecology in order to survive and thrive The ecology of sustainable intimate and sexual relationship between woman and man takes up many books, and walls full of books, even.

You mention
>I do believe in love, painfully so, but a life partner?
>I just don't know anymore to be honest.
>It seems when we focus on a connectedness with everyone, often we
>become slightly asexual.
>Does that make sense?

First thing last, sure that makes sense from some perspectives.. and for those who dedicate themselves full-time to spiritual studies, it is commonly accepted that celibacy is part and parcel thereof.. it sure can seem like it must be easier just to renounce the fire of lusty human love in favor of the warm glow of divine love ... yet, Life is so arranged that it may not be necessary .. in fact it may be that the attractions and powerful experiences of human love can, with careful cultivation, bring lovers a fine yield of mutual mirroring of divine love.

So, what I'm feeling the desire for, in terms of love and partnership.. is (like everyone else from my viewpoint) basically motivated from the spiritual sense of longing to be re-united with the Divine .. that is the $0.02 synopsis. A spiritual partnership between lovers and helpmates who share some common visions and goals is something that might be sustainable, given PLENTY of love, forgiveness, compassion, etc -- and keeping in check those "lower" states of mental / emotional tone.

What is love? (back to those shelves, even libraries full of books on the topic ;) Essentially, we have our emulation of Divine Love -which is completely unconditional and unceasing; the Sun shines on the wicked exactly as it does on the saintly.

And so, in our hypothetical lifelong love partnership - we must take this as our basic cue, we must pour out unceasing unconditional love (to the best of our ability !) -and be always aware that this is our goal in terms of our beloved (who is a fellow spiritual being, another ray of the same divine sun, essentially as we identify our Self with the Divine, the Beloved and the Lover are One) -so there is a sort of alchemy of transforming the raw substance of human lust, love, desire for acceptance, etc, into a reflection of divine love.. yet without the passion of human love, we are perhaps missing one form of fuel that propels us toward the divine.

Finding a balance between living a profoundly human experience, including savoring the sensual delights is another topic on which countless discourse has been recorded. The Bauls and Sufis have a history filled with beautiful poetic expression of the living allegory of human love and divine love, and how the one prepares and leads us into the other. Some of my favorites of these mystic poets include Kabir, Rumi, Gibran, Tagore.

This is by Kahlil Gibran, from a book I first read as a young teenager .. sadly I did not put this into practice as well as might be hoped, in terms of its purpose as a little bit of guideline toward the ecology of sustainable human love relationships.. perhaps I'll do better next time (smile)

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow. --

The first line of the bit above is something like what brings people into the idea of "soulmates" My own (uh.. feeling? intuition? knowledge?) in this area is that clearly there is no one individual who is our one and only soulmate; and even more so, we are complete in and of ourselves (as human beings) and are positively not in need of nor in any real fashion amenable to having some other human "complete" us .. as some of the wounded-duck humans might quack about (grin) BUT - as we Spirits/ Souls go thru lifetime after lifetime as humans, we develop affinities for others of our immortal kind .. and tend to reincarnate so as to be family, tribe members, and so on. This accounts for some of the inexplicable part of "attraction" - which may be operating as a mutual recognition of a member of the same band of immortal travelers.

-well, this has become overly long ! Please don't be surprised to see the text I've written blogged .. I'm trying to write more often, and you've offered some excellent inspiration, for which I thank you =:-)

warm wishes, David Hartley

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Alternative healing "conscious community" Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you're a bit like me, you're interested in community, alternative healing, off-the-grid living, organic farming, and the whole eco-sustainable ideal (which must include eco-nomic sustainability!)
Current interests include co-creating such an ecologically conscious and economically sustainable community in the Puerto Escondido area of Mexico. I'm inviting a few other alternative healers to take part in a healing arts venue which may take form as a sort of 'spa' and will likely cater to Bay Area (and beyond) tourists with (or without) specific health challenges.. I hope to include living accommodations for guests who may stay for a week or two, doing supervised cleanse / fasting, and in the longer term, develop substantial community guesting capability, which may serve as an income source.
I'd love to offer a number of healing modalities in addition to those which I am proficient in (homeopathy, craniosacral work, massage) -including but not limited to acupuncture / TCM, Ayurvedha, quasi-esthetic 'spa' treatment, dietary consultation, herbalism and more .. Naturopathic doctor, maybe ? It'll be great to also integrate some kind of arts programs; ideally things which connect with the community and its mission and also with the local and indigenous culture.
I have a good working relationship with a construction builder/contractor in Puerto, who also has an active customer base in San Francisco, where I am their I.T. /computer support person.
There is some development in the area; it is not over-developed, but is in the path of immediate future development. Ideally the project will gather funds sufficient to engage in eco-stewardship of some large tracts of land in the nearby mountains, which may be used in some non-intrusive ways such as wildcrafting of herbs and small-scale cultivation of locally indigenous food sources. Possibly also some biomass alternative energy uses. Wind is probably feasible too, and of course Solar will be good to excellent .. there is some cloud cover on occasion, will have to do more research on that.
I have secured webdomains to be used to support marketing, as well as supporting the 'organic' growth of the project.
I have a strong potential of an interested co-creatrix who is a relatively recent Green MBA grad of New College; she has tremendous detail oriented green-vision and also has documentation creating skills I sadly lack ;)
Definitely looking for additional team-members, and also compiling a list of people who'd like to be kept informed as things progress. Naturally, if this is something that you feel strongly drawn to, or feel could fit a similar vision you have, it would be best for all concerned if you make yourself known; see if you'd like to get on board in the early phases. This is already well beyond the wish/hope stage.. one team member has emigrated from the Bay area to Mexico and is a permanent resident of the area in which we will build the first phase of the project. If you want to MAKE IT REAL --in terms of your contributing/compatible vision it could well be that THIS IS IT.
I'm planning a trip soon, probably mid or late March, probably a week to ten days. I should be able to arrange for very inexpensive (and possibly free) accommodations. Airfare is in the $600 (incl. taxes) roundtrip range.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

on my personal blend of Spirituality

A woman from asked me about my 'spirituality'

(yeah, I'm on there =;-)

I wrote this in reply..


I've read about and sampled a lot of different spiritually related stuff..

starting out as a child, having 'out of body' experience and somewhat mystical encounters with animals.. I remember a persistent notion that someday I might be struck by lightning, following which I would know "everything..." One evening, a sort of a dark-night-of-the-soul experience, when I was 10yrs or so.. crying and screaming up at the sky "is THIS all there IS ???" -much of my childhood (like many people, I guess) was not so pleasant.. some of it was rather brutal .. I think I paid off some karma for being a mean person in the past

Then around age 12 or so, I stared reading a lot of psychic-related materials .. Edgar Cayce & such, then on to Theosophy.. later I got interested in a westernized Buddhism spin-off called Eckankar (after the chant ek on kar sri waha guru) and Sufism..

At several points along the way, I mixed in some entheogenic research ... at age 21 I had an extreme "traumatic" kundalini opening, complete with manifestations of some of the siddhis which I had once wished for (careful what you wish for ;) -recovering /reintegrating from this took some time, after which I studied many self-help and spirituality materials.. eventually settling on Tibetan Buddhism for its descriptions of mental and spiritual psychology .. and discovering with the help of Taoism, my own connectedness with the earth and sky .. my ability to move / exchange energy .. which ties in with some of the healing arts I've been trained in.

At this point, I've been on my path for over 20yrs.. my practice involves seated meditation on occasion, but never more than 15 minutes or so .. it's more of an active meditation than an approaching samadhi meditation... basically westernized Taoism .. Tibetan Buddhism is what informs my spirituality, but I don't do the many and various rituals that go along with vows.

Some small touches of pantheism, animism, and shamanism also permeate my sense of spirituality.

Basically, every day I am, for much of the day, aware of myself and others, and the Universe at large.. as more or less of a spiritual unity.. sometimes less so when embroiled in traffic -even then, I am usually able to move some energy and get in touch with my spiritual self and the grounding power of the Earth aspect of the Universe.

There are moments every day when my heart feels completely connected to "the world" .. and everything seems like a perfect precious jewel .. this is my daily practice, in truth.. to live within this sort of reality .. to walk with this pure Bliss at my side, and to take it into my heart when daily life isn't demanding too much mental concentration/focus for me to maintain the sort of dual consciousness of "life as human" and "life as spirit."

warm wishes, David Hartley my profile:


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Comcast sneaky email blockade has just eaten a huge chunk of a day ...

.. and hating them is not useful, or healthy, nor does it contribute to my general mental or spiritual welfare ( grin ) Revenge, on the other hand, may be sweet ! I've been working on a deal to offer a great DSL service, complete with VoIP (voice over IP, computer telephony, etc) - so that all my friends and computer servicer customers can Kill Two Birds with One Stone .. and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to kill Comcast and that ungodly zombie monster AT&T (reminds me of a cartoon monster that gets blown to bits and all the pieces just slowly stagger back to be re-united) .. anyhow, stay tuned to discover how to quickly, easily and inexpensively eradicate these two corporate monopoly fiends from your pocketbook !


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Internet privacy ?

So, I responded to a really great Craigslist post in the women-seeking-men section, and received a nice brief response.. seeming to agree "much in common" and so on. Like any normal netizen, I googled the woman's name, which she'd included as part of the email addressing. Seemed like a really great lady, someone I would respect, admire, and wish to befriend -or at least have a coffee-date with (VeryBigGrin) So, Mr. Google told me that this woman had lived at some time in the recent past, in the same part of Maui where I once lived - so I mentioned that in my 2nd email to her. Imagine my surprise: her next email was apparently sent only to inform me that she was not intersted in getting to know me.. citing differences in sense of privacy. ?? Privacy online ?? I mean, unless you're using a nym.. unless you're taking specific steps to create an alternate/pseudo persona online... isn't "privacy" exactly the OPPOSITE of what you're doing ? It is interesting what a cultural divide there seems to be here. I guess some people don't absolutely KNOW that anything they upload to a website, any emails they send to public or semi-public email lists, and LOTS of other stuff ... is pretty much PUBLIC information (as in "not private") Now, I know this as well as I know I'll be dead when I've stopped breathing. ..and I guess that having known this for uhm, ah, maybe the last 13yrs or so must've contributed to my current state of being Completely Perplexed by a person (especially one who has done significant amounts of self-promotion online, using her True Name or close to it) ... feeling like I've transgressed against "privacy" by looking up very Public information. Is this one of those bizarre "men are from mars, women are from venus" things ? Am I just too much of a geek to relate ? blech. whatever.