Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conscious Enlightenment - meets the Corporate world ?

hmmm... well Christopher,

In a similar fashion to how the mass-mail below DOES NOT seem to constitute "reaching out personally"
-it seems likely that the fervor over corporate branding DOES NOT bode well .. except for those "packaging" and "mainstreaming" social alternatives ... often as vanity items for acquisition by various yuppies. While I'm sure that yuppies on yoga are better than yuppies on Golds gym.. it'd be great if CASH and the bottom line, while certainly of some merit, did not DRIVE the organization.

One of the things which REALLY CREEPS ME OUT about zaadz (among any/all others who fit the picture)
-is their "integrative medicine" section, in which people with the typically stilted "western" / "modern" medicine (read: drugs & surgery) -viewpoints (read: indoctrination, investement, etc) PRETEND to be interested in viable ALTERNATIVEs (to the pharmaceutical-industry sponsored drug & surgery brand of "modern medicine") so as to "integrate" (read: marginalize further, by making amateurish and ineffectual use of ALTERNATIVE therapies) into their practices (thereby appearing to be open to alternatives; actually a means of trashing the alternatives EXCEPT in the very rare case where the "western" "modern" drugs & surgery Inc type of practitioner will deign to work with an alternative practitioner who actually knows h/ir stuff 1000 times better than for instance, a chiropractor who's taken a weekend seminar before "integrating" an "ALTERNATIVE" into h/ir menu of items for sale (few of which s/he may be actually capable of wielding as effective healing-arts tools..)

'nother example.. Whole Foods. (even Rainbow grocery) USED TO BE "alternative" NOW they're yuppie-driven.
"Alternative" folks who spend a reasonable amount of their attention on "conscious enlightenment" are, in large part, unable to pay yuppie prices for food. $8 per pound for red bell peppers ?
I worked for a short time (over 30yrs ago) at Semillas de Vida (Seeds of Life) .. the precursor to Rainbow grocery, and have continued to shop at Rainbow.. though recently, the price of Rainbow's success has started seeming to be price-gouging at the register.

I'm sure there is plenty of good y'all can do. BEWARE of morphing into the corporate mindset ! It's insidious, not to mention invidious. Our world is currently ruled through a corporate plutocracy... some "trading with the enemy" is certainly necessary, and a desire to seed the dominant paradigm with better ideas is likely the way to the future... but lest we BECOME "the enemy" we need to keep it REAL. Money cannot be the god or the guideline of "conscious enlightentment."

Good luck in keeping it real,
David Hartley

Conscious Enlightenment’s New Partners
Dear friend of CE magazines,
As you’ve probably already heard by now, our family of magazines has recently entered an exciting new phase in our growth, joining forces with leaders in green living/health and wellness media to create a unified LOHAS community. Our partners are (a multimedia lifestyle company with multiple platforms focused on leading a healthier, greener, and more balanced lifestyle), (the leading social networking site in the LOHAS space), and Gaiam, Inc., (a lifestyle media company catering to people who value personal development, natural health, ecological lifestyles and inspirational entertainment).

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around this news, and so I wanted to reach out personally to explain what this means to you as an advertiser and supporter of our magazines — to highlight some of the possibilities this opens up for all of us.

First off: to clarify, as part of our partnership, Gaiam has invested in Conscious Enlightenment — the parent company of Common Ground, Whole Life Times and Conscious Choice magazines. It’s a common misconception that an investment is the same thing as an acquisition. However, in our case, Gaiam has made an investment in CE — in the full sense of what that word means. Gaiam has invested in the goals, mission and vision of our company, supporting us to continue to develop our family of multimedia products and services geared toward empowering the greater conscious community.

Last week I was in Boulder, Colorado for a meet-the-team/brainstorming session with Gaiam, Lime, Zaadz and the assorted others coming together through the new investment. The trip was a lot of fun, both on a personal level — meeting all the great people in our new extended family — and on a professional level — looking forward to the creative collaboration that is going to come out of this relationship.

After the meeting in Colorado, I am doubly sure: Gaiam has chosen to support CE because they share our mission. They believe in the magazines, in, in, in Organic Media Design and in the Enlightenment Card. They recognize the power of the individual brands, and they are committed to fostering our growth and development in the direction that we’ve been moving since the company’s conception.

To be specific: the magazines (and additional brands) are not changing, becoming more corporate, or product-oriented, editorially and otherwise. In the short-term, we get to continue doing what we do best as we see fit — with the added support and extensive resources of the various brands at our fingertips.

In the long term, the extended Gaiam family (Lime, Zaazds, Spiritual Cinema and Earth Cinema Circle, Real Goods, Harmony, etc.) is on hand for creative collaboration, systems support, resource sharing, etc., and to swap ideas that have worked in the past so that we don’t end up reinventing the wheel. I will keep you updated as we learn more about all of the resources available and better understand how we can help support each other.

In the meantime, I’d like to extend a direct invitation to you as a supporter of our magazines to participate in this period of positive growth and change. If any of you have any ideas for what might work moving forward — anything that we can do better to serve your needs as an advertiser, or as a reader, or as a fellow worldchanger — I’d love to hear them. This is a time of exponential possibility and growth for Conscious Enlightenment, and there’s room for everyone to play a part.

Here’s to positive change and continued success for our ever-growing community,

Christopher Miglino
Conscious Enlightenment


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