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reply below, in response to: -------------- Hi David. it's been awhile. I realize we are on opposite sides of the climategate argument, but I just wanted to come with an olive branch. im not paid by fossil fuel folks, and I am a complete advocate for healthy clean gaia...i just dont want to be on a blacklist or something because of my views. im all for naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, advocate for veggie and vegan diets etc.

i was actually wanting to put an open source dvd together to kinda introduce people to alternative medicine that could be copied and distributed freely by activists and proponents of non western medicine and if you're interested in collaborating, I have all the pro camera equipment to get it done. im more than one cause.

hope you're doing well.

Peace on Earth and Among all Beings



Hi F,

Great idea, I'm happy to help.

Where I'm at with is entirely holistic .. including socio-political / financial / ecological. as in: What is the most Revolutionary Act of Personal Empowerment you can make? Take control of your health and well being !

I have "done my time" with online activism & the inevitable infowar shitstorms. None of us has access to some megalithic carved-in-stone truth about climate "issues" ... it is more of a matter (to me) to make a personal stand for Gaia. I know that the U.N. is largely controlled (like the rest of the human society on the planet) -by the "elites." I know that the U.N. and W.H.O. and CDC and a bunch of other elitist criminal scum are busy doing crazy nazi-prison-camp experiments on humans worldwide, and that "flu vaccine" is part of one of their longterm goals of depopulation. I am LONG PAST arguing with anyone about any of this.. it (like everything else, really) eventually comes down to personal opinion.. the idea of proving some "solid consensual truth" in an info-scape filled with spy-vs-spy infowars would be superbly comical if it were not so deeply sad.

My personal "line in the sand" in this regard is basically that rapid climate degradation is a fact. I do not care about who may have exaggerated or mistaken EVEN IF they purposely did so AND I believe it more likely that appearances which indicate "pro climate" falsification are actually infowar.

What you choose to believe on this topic (or any...) is not of great importance to me; my motto is to seek the similarities, and work together where we find mutual interest -and to live and let live where differences might appear as disconnects.

It is inevitable , is it not, that the criminalist fractional reserve (now doing business as debt reserve) banking system yoked to the financial model of Wall st. will find a way to turn any/every situation into an attempt to take profit ? Every money-trail we follow on a topic of the scope of climate change vs. 'deniers' is going to involve the insanity of the greed factories of Wall st and the psychopathic corporations which are their stock in trade.

So, my second "line in the sand" .. my life is for and about building community on the local level, networking about any and every potential for alternative medicine, alternative currency, locally re-planting the "global commons," concerning myself with how to assure the basics of life: food, water, shelter, laughter, and love ... for all humanity and beyond to all beings.

Please use my gmail address if you wanna get in touch, I don't like using FB for email.

warm wishes,

david 510.859.4050

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is your most important possession? -if you said "my health" you would be in agreement with practical and traditional wisdom.

What is the most revolutionary act of personal empowerment you can make? TAKE control of your health and well-being !

EVEN IF .. (and of course, it is a huge "IF") there were some movement toward better health insurance .. the U.S. healthcare system is fatally flawed.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a leading cause of DEATH, not of "health." "We the people" still have the power to TOTALLY REVOLUTIONIZE "healthcare" .. by simply voting with our dollars.

Just say YES to the common wisdom of Hippocrates ("father of medicine") which gives the understanding that healthful (organic, not pesticide polluted or genetically mangled) FOOD is the absolute necessary foundation of excellent health.. and just say NO to the pitifully flawed idea that one should totally abandon & turn over one's most prized personal possession (your HEALTH, according to all common-sense wisdom) to the big-brotherism and gangsterism of the modern medical mafia !

The #1 leading cause of death in the U.S. (and similar in other "industrialized" nations) is the $pharmaceutical-based (anti)health (doesn't)care system. True healthCARE. wellness-CARE, actually PREVENTATIVE healthcare, and care for illness/disease which actually WORKS ... has not been and will not be born out of the COMPLETELY CORRUPT medical system as we see it in the U.S. The U.S anti-health greed-care system is clearly motivated (on the macro level) solely by mega-corporate mega-profit.

These mega-corps are (have been) easily characterized as criminally insane, and the criminally insane medical mafia is apparently convinced and focussed on DISEASE-care .. that is to say that they care-for disease (NOT wellness) as disease is their marketplace. They make money from and with disease. They make NO MONEY from robust health and wellness. Robust health and wellness are, therefore, obviously anathema to the $pharma based business interests of the modern medical mafia. It takes only grammar school logic to "GET" this. Mega-corps are dedicated to one thing above all, we already KNOW this. Mega-corps who make money off of people being SICK & DISEASED will very predictably seek to perpetuate and contribute (by any means possible !) .. What? .. sickness and disease, of course ! The logic and the reality of this is stark and simple, and visible everywhere around us.

Why do we not hear of the necessity for primary attention focused on healthful diet comprised of minimally processed (organic, non-gmo) food ?
There is no profit in that for any of the mega-corps.. though we may well dwell on how we could change this !

Meanwhile.. the re-evolution in modern society begins in each of us; we are all capable of choosing and learning to support our own robust health. Please consider that eating (and if at all possible GROWING) organic food, and avoiding the multiple ills associated with factory farmed foods: intake of pesticide residues, pollution of land and water with pesticides, chemical fertilizer runoff .. petroleum products consumed by machinery & trucking, etc..
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support your own health;
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support a healthy environment;
-is one of the BEST things you can do to support food security worldwide:
we must envision the re-evolution.. a society which thrives in mutual support of the other life forms we share the biosphere with, where all may live in abundance and peace.

warm wishes,
david 510.859.4050
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

insurance, Obama, healthcare, the medical industrial complex

In answer to the question:

"Did the President's health reform proposal in his speech disappoint you?"

The insurance companies are only part of the problem.

It is with a mixture of hope & trepidation that I view what seems to assure that the medical industrial complex will continue roughly "status quo" (in other words: continue to be the USA's #1 direct leading cause of death) .. and just like the recent stock market crash and current financial depression was a direct result of insane / dysfunctional "economy" ... so to .. will the INEVITABLE CRASH of the medical industrial complex ensue upon the status quo ... bringing of course, much suffering .. but inevitably FORCING people to become responsible for their own health and well being .. essentially ripping the blinders off of the faces of the sheeple.. as grassroots & word-of-mouth show everyone how eating "death-eater corporate shit-food" and taking "death-eater poison medicines" lead to a DEADLY OBVIOUS lack of health ! "ALTERNATIVE" medicine will become 1000 times more popular than it is now, BY DEFAULT ! What seems like terrible news .. is indeed "a bitter pill" ... but it is the death knell of the system of DEATH/DISEASE-medicine .. which will usher in VITAL / LIFE medicine .. the many and various HOLISTIC alternatives to poisonous $pharma medical industrial complex. Labels: health healthcare wellness medical alternative cam medicine herbalism homeopathy

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hazards of NOT buying local = hazards of funding the Corpocracy

When considering whether we patronize (fund) corporate businesses, in my experience it is - "no, of course not, they are known to act in psychopathic manner, and WILL lie, lie, lie -- unless restrained from doing so."

Most corporations exist primarily for the unconscious false-economy fiat currency cash "bottom line."

Thus, if they can pollute in the Amazon basin, and chase out or even kill local tribespeople (thru local intermediaries if not local government &/or clandestine U.S. "operations") in order to improve their "bottom line" they will.
THEY HAVE, and they will continue to do so until they are STOPPED. Currently Chevron is spending much $$ on publicizing LIES in attempt to cover up previous crimes.

This is the nature of the large corporation.
It has only one agenda .. false-economy "profit" -and it will do anything within its power to attain that.... which specifically includes bending &/or breaking laws, even to the point of planning the executions of large number of human beings.

One of "our" major points of power in terms of the large corporation is to refuse to fund it.
The corporation exists solely to "do business" ... if enough people will NOT "do business" with a corporation because of [some list of criminal behaviors and specific incidents] --- maybe (just maybe) it could be possible to reform the corporation a bit at a time.

If the corporation is allowed to keep doing "business as usual" and feeding PR lies out through monopoly corporate controlled media, in order to keep "CONSUMERS" blind as to the corporate criminality which they are funding.. we will continue to have Walmart "decorating" their factory-farm vegetable produce area with a hanging sign saying "local" (because there is no specific law about how far away the sign has to be, and how much the fine is for displaying it illegally.)
Basically Walmart is an enemy of mankind, along with Chevron & apparently every other large corp in the energy business.. between them all, they certainly have bought up and hidden away plenty of patents which could've facilitated practically free "green energy" decades ago.

warm wishes,
david hartley 510.859.4050

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Organic ! .. & go, go, go ... Cafe Gratitude :-)

Organic food is FAR more nutritious, as well as being much less dependent on fossil fuel .. locally grown organic takes it another step along the road.. Raw food, takes the nutrition density another step along the road..

Cafe Gratitude incorporates all of the above, plus its intrinsic "sacred commerce" and "school of personal transformation masquerading as a chain of restaurants" approaches, which gives employees and management a gently structured manner in which to fully relate and engage on thinking/feeling levels as opposed to the tyical "shut up & get to work" restaurant HR attitude.

This results in service which is unique in dining experience =;-)
So unique is this powerful combination of delicious nutritionally dense food plus "the game" of Transformation .. that the small San Francisco chain is now Evolving/ sporing .. as a result of popular demand (which is being somewhat boosted by pop singer/star Jason Mraz & his "Gratitude Cafe Tour")

Cafe Gratitude is bringing their mostly raw & vegan restaurants to New York City, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and San Diego ... groundwork is being laid now, it will take 1 - 2yrs for "opening day."

Recently Cafe Gratitude partnered with Whole Foods in Oakland, California, to open Cafe Gratitude inside of a very large Whole Foods, where a Whole Foods run "juice bar" had been not very successful... Cafe Gratitude is doing very well in that same location ... more partnerships such as this may be possible... ask your nearest Whole Foods to bring Cafe Gratitude to you !

If you're intrigued by the idea of bringing the "full on" Cafe Gratitude model (3 or 4 restaurants supplied daily) with prepared [juiced, chopped, blended, diced, sliced, soaked, made into nut milk, nut milk 'ice cream,' and other sumptuous desserts & otherwise ready for dish-up at the cafes] check out their website &/or drop me a line.

Oh yeah.. another "spore" of the Cafe Gratitude vibe is a small film company, with their first offering "May I Be Frank" in world premiere at the upcoming Sausalito film festival trailer /

by the way.. surely it's clear that I love this company (and the people . .not to mention the food :) I do some contract I.T. work for them (past 1.5yrs,) am not an employee and have no personal gain attainable in posting this.. just sharing.

I am also *personally committed* to current co-creation of a worker owned collective of doctors & alternative healers, which is loosely affiliated with the extended Cafe Gratitude family. It is likely that this will also Evolve / spore in NYC, KC, LA, etc., in service to those communities .. Services will include super nutrition / cleanse programs (and Juice Bar,) homeopathy, herbalism, yoga, craniosacral work, bodywork, and more - focus will be open to facilitating healing from anything from severe chronic disease to those simply wishing to transition to generally healthier lifestyle.

warm wishes,
david hartley 510.859.4050
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hi Maddie, I'm not an expert on supplements, but reading Kaprex on the mfgr site, it appears to be just an expensive food-like "nutra ceutical" A "healthy balanced diet" .. and a reasonably healthy digestive system.. should obviate the need (or benefit) of such supplements. Rhus tox is, in addition to its value in your immediate need as a "first aid" remedy for knee.. also possibly of use toward better nutrient absorption in the digestive system. One of the reasons I studied & practice homeopathy (instead of herbalism, or nutriceutical "medicine") is that homeopathy treats "whole person" .. less so in "first aid" where the focus of the symptoms is sharp/immediate .. Rhus tox is useful in "inflammatory" issues in many of the body's tissues / organs. It is indicated as "first aid" for ligaments in the knee (and elbow) ... It is difficult for people to self-diagnose .. even people who've got a lot of training in homeopathy will see another homeopath (hard to see oneself objectively...) Rhus tox should make it possible to do without "anti-inflammatory" drugs, the normal way a person might check that scenario out would be to try taking less of the drug .. see if there is a negative result.. if not, after a day or two passes .. again take less .. and so on "weaning." Meanwhile, it should not have any effect on the NSAIDs as I think you know (?) homeopathy is not biochemical and cannot interact in that way; it is "energy medicine" and acts by causing a shift toward homeostasis .. movement towards normalcy. If you feel like it, you can fill out the questionaire on my website and I can take a look at it, to see if Rhus Tox looks like a good "chronic" remedy for you - or if not, perhaps figure out something else. warm wishes, david 510.859.4050 I.T. support: co-founder:

Monday, July 20, 2009

"the media" & the phony "pandemic"

Hi Dagny, People in the U.S. (and many other places, I guess) -are being trained from cradle to grave that they should UNTHINKINGLY accept authority. It is a well know fact that TV is a social control mechanism; it inserts "world view" (German: Weltanschauung) as an unquestioned set of values and unexplored/unconfirmed "facts." Thus, people who are regular consumers of mass media (especially when it is from an early age) have their "reality" ... "PROGRAMMED" (in the U.S., the content on TV is actually called programming, in one of those interesting twists where the truth is hidden in plain view.) Social programming dictates that society respond fearfully to constant bombardment of PANDEMIC scare tactics made up of partial/true & partial/lies. Many of us who are aware of the manipulations cannot help but see the mindless herd-behavior of cattle being led to slaughter .. there is a word used in the U.S. by cognoscenti (Italian: those in the know) - to describe this human herd .. "the Sheeple." You wrote: What happened to good old sceptisism and questions to ask? Such old fashioned ideas are not useful to the ruling powers of the world (mega corporations & highest level of banking) super-wealthy immortal corporations spend many $billions of their dollars/euros/etc to influence and control legislature, political process, and "public opinion" (all the way down to influencing what textbooks are to be used in bending the will of youth toward social conformity as "good little consumers.") What happened to digging for the truth no matter what? Some people still do. But the truths that they find are not publicized by the people who own the means of publication ! TV station, ALL large newspapers & most other means of "mass media" publication are very tightly controlled - very rarely letting out a bit of information which detracts from the social programming-in-progress. Is the world satisfied by being spoonfed lies that cost lives? In a word: yes. Most of us in "industrialized nations" are living in gilded cages; we have little REAL FREEDOM, but we have many choices as to what colors & fabrics we wish to wear to our jobs as slaves to the mass-media corporate consumer culture .. which is now on the brink of consuming the entire planet.. without some pretty strong changes, the human race could be extinct in less than a century. It is likely that there are quite a number of the "ultra rich" people who are more and more becoming convinced that the world is vastly over-populated by "useless eaters" (Sheeple) and that a drastic DE-population would be a very good and useful thing. Apparently TO THAT END, we seem to have quite a lot of different types of corporate crime involved in creating & testing various forms of bio-warfare. Persuant to the topic of this group.. of course- vaccines have been a longterm assault on "the masses" .. who have been scrupulously conditioned to worshipfully believe that vaccines are their savior from disease .. the truth may well be that vaccines are now on the verge of being deployed as "WMD" weapons of mass destruction ... it would be quite simple technologically to wipe out 80% of the population, and thus (in mad-scientist thought) alleviate all of the pressures currently pushing very rapidly toward global meltdown. warm wishes, david hartley